Ray H. Brown

As noted in my array of “5-star ratings,” I am a fan of the “Clark Team.” I can add that our experiences in working with Mark and Kathy have been positive in every respect. I recommend them highly and am not quick to make such a sweeping, unqualified positive statement. My wife has been a productive and highly knowledgeable realtor across more than 30 years, giving me a good sense of what to expect in a realtor. We have dealt professionally with the Clarks across the last five or so years and they have “passed muster” in every sense of the word. Upon deciding to extend our real estate investments into the Ruidoso area, we knew what we needed in the way of local, knowledgeable, and honest realtors. We were lucky when friends made a referral that perfectly met our needs and desires! We found just the team we needed to skillfully and wisely assist us on three purchases in the Alto/Ruidoso area in recent years. They did everything that a realtor should do–and more. Even now, they are always eager to assist, to refer us to a needed worker, or to simply give us needed local information. We recommend them with no hesitations and are now proud to have them as our realtors, but also as our friends.

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